Alternative Investments

The alternative investment can enhance the uniqueness of Century R.

It leads us to have a strong record as the global investor who can deliver a stable return over the long period of time. We created our own alternative investment fund in real estate and also partnering with the global alternative investment partners who has the same philosophy of investment.

Social Impact Investment Opportunity Fund

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Fine Wine

Century R is an official partner of Cultwine Ltd. in U.K. Cult Wines is one of the world’s leading wine investment companies with a global client base and assets under management exceeding 90 million pound.

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Global Student Accommodation Fund (GSA-Coral)

Century R is an official partner of GSA Coral. GSA Coral is a unique, globally diversified real estate fund.

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Litigation Fund

is where a third party provides the financial resources to enable costly litigation or arbitration cases to proceed.

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